Welding Positioning Equipment — Welding Positioner Structure and characteristics


Welding Positioning Equiment — Welding positioner is used to drag the workpiece to be welded, so that the weld to be welded moves to the ideal position for welding operation. Generally speaking, most of the manufacturers producing welding manipulators, Welding Rotators, welding systems and other welding equipment produce welding positioners; most manufacturers of welding robots produce welding positioners matched with robots. However, it is very rare for the enterprises with welding positioner as the leading product. Severt company of Germany and Aroson company of America are typical enterprises producing welding positioner. Germany’s CLOOS, Austria IgM, Japan Matsushita robot company, etc., all produce servo control and robot matching welding positioner. The following only introduces the type of positioner and the first main parameter.

The composition and application of welding positioner is mainly to make the workpiece in the best welding position by lifting, rotating and overturning of the worktable. There are many kinds of structural forms, such as elevating type, head and tailstock, lifting type and double rotation type, L-Type and Hydraulic Type. It can be matched with welding manipulator to form an automatic welding special machine. It can also be matched with robot to realize automatic welding also. At the same time, various special welding positioners can be designed and customized according to the user’s workpiece and process requirements.

Welding Positioning Equipment — Welding Positioner Technical Requirement:

1. Welding Positioner Rotary drive

(1) The rotary drive shall realize stepless speed regulation and be reversible.


(2) Within the range of rotating speed, the speed fluctuation under the maximum load is less than 5%.

2. Welding Positioner Tilt drive

(1) The tilting drive should be stable, without shaking under the maximum load, and the whole machine should not overturn. If the maximum load q is more than 25kg, it shall have power driving function.

(2) A limited position device should be set up to control the inclination angle and have angle indication sign.


(3) The tilting mechanism should have the function of self-locking, not sliding under the maximum load, safe and reliable.

3. Others

(1) The control part of positioner shall be equipped with linkage interface for automatic welding.

(2) The positioner should be equipped with conductive device to avoid welding current passing through the transmission parts such as bearing and gear. The resistance of conductive device shall not exceed 1m Ω, and its capacity shall meet the requirements of welding rated current.

(3) Electrical equipment shall comply with relevant provisions of GB / T 4064.

(4) The structure of the worktable shall be convenient for clamping workpieces or fixtures, and its structural form can also be determined through consultation with users.

(5) The relationship between maximum load, eccentricity and center of gravity distance should be explained in the operation manual of positioner.

Welding Positioner Performance :

(1) Welding positioner and welder positioner should have wide speed range, welding speed and good structural rigidity.

(2) For weldments with different sizes and shapes, it is necessary to have certain applicability.

(3) In the transmission chain, one-stage reverse stroke self-locking transmission should be provided to avoid accidents of weldments due to gravity when the power source is suddenly cut off.

(4) The positioning accuracy (point control) and running track accuracy (contour control) of the positioner used in conjunction with welding robot and precision welding operation should be controlled between 0.1-2mm and the highest accuracy should be 0.01mm, depending on the size and process of the weldment.

(5) Return speed should be fast, but impact and vibration should be avoided.

(6) It has good electricity, water, gas facilities, as well as heat conduction and ventilation performance.

(7) The whole structure should have good airtightness to avoid the damage of welding spatter. The welding slag and coating scattered on it should be easily removed.

(8) Welding positioner should have linkage control interface and corresponding self-protection function, centralized control and coordinated action.

(9) The working table should be engraved with installation baseline, and equipped with various positioning workpieces and clamping mechanisms.

(10) The mechanical impact resistance of positioner of weldment is also used for assembly. And has the installation slot hole, can conveniently according to its work table to have the high strength and the anti impact performance.

(11) The positioner used in electron beam welding, plasma arc welding, laser welding and brazing should meet the special requirements of electric conduction, magnetic separation and insulation.


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