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  1. Manufacturing large diameter pipes, wind towers, tanks, and other cylindrical objects is expedited with growing lines. With Weld-Max’s growing line systems, you can adjust the tank sections for fit-up and welding to fit any size work piece.

Fast alignment, leveling, and fit-up are a few of Weld-Max’s vessel roller growing line system’s features. Growing line systems with tank rollers reduce worker fatigue and place cylindrical parts in a secure way. As an additional benefit, our line systems ensure that operators remain safe throughout the entire process by radically reducing crane handling.


Our tank roller growing line system HGKS-40 can handle 40 tons of loading capacity. With a diameter range of 24″ to 216″, it has the ability to adapt to cylindrical objects of different sizes while maintaining the centerline. A minimum workpiece length is required for HGKS-40 to function efficiently.


At Weld-Max, we try to provide our customers with the most effective solutions. Check out the HGKS-60 growing line system or the HGKS-100 growing line system if you’re looking for a growing line system with different technical specs.


Rolling and positioning applications for growing line systems include rolling and positioning small oil and gas pipes, welding tanks, wind towers, and enormous pressure vessels. Pipes and other cylindrical work objects can be precisely aligned with the help of them.

Operators are able to assemble and relocate heavy vessels using Weld-Max’s growing line systems, which exceed overhead crane capacity. By comparing growing lines with traditional approaches, fitting time can be reduced by up to 65%, minimizing crane handling, and improving operator safety.

Weld-Max has developed a growing line system that can be used to align, level, fit, and index large pipes and vessels quickly and efficiently. HGKS-100 is capable of rolling and hauling cylindrical objects weighing up to 100 tons. The diameter of this machine ranges from 24″ to 216″, so it can accommodate various pipes and workpieces.

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Weld-Max strives to provide our customers with the best solutions possible. Check out the HGKS-20 growing line system and the HGKS-100 growing line system if you’re looking for a system with a different set of technical specs.

A growing line system developed by Weld-Max allows for fast alignment, leveling, fitting up, and indexing of large pipes and vessels up to 60 tonnes and 20 feet in diameter. Alignment tools are essential for ensuring accurate alignment of cylindrical workpieces, such as pipes, tanks, etc.


Using Weld-Max’s growing line systems, operators are able to efficiently and safely align and “grow” heavy vessel sections during a fit-up, thanks to features such as powered elevation, side shift, track drive, and indexing capabilities. Additionally, they allow for the assembly of cans while minimizing the need for cranes, which makes them ideal for wind towers, tanks, and vessels requiring the joining of a number of sections. Lastly, Weld-Max’s welding growing system line, HGKS-100, eliminates manual jacking systems and inefficient wedges that can hinder can alignment.


With a maximum loading capacity of 100 tons, the HGK-100 growing line system is capable of rolling and transferring pipes of varying weights while maintaining an accurate centerline. The device is also capable of adjusting to cylindrical objects with different diameters, specifically between 66″ and 240″. To perform efficiently and within standards, the HGKS-100 requires a minimum length of 72″ for the workpiece.


Weld-Max strives to provide our customers with the best solutions. Consider the HGKS-20 TO HGKS-100 growing line systems if you need a growing line system with a different set of specifications.


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