Welding And Positioning Equipment— The Work Advantage Of The Welding Rotator

 The Work Advantage Of The Welding Rotator

The design of the welding rotator includes: determining the welding rotator scheme, the layout scheme of the driving mechanism and the transmission of all levels. If the ring flipper is used, the structure of the flipping ring needs to be determined, and then the driving torque and motor power are determined, and the design of the mechanism parts is continued.


Product features of the welding rotators:

1. It can be combined arbitrarily according to the weight and length of the weldment, which is convenient and flexible to use;
2. The center distance of the rollers is automatically adjusted within the specified range, suitable for weldments of different diameters, and the cylindrical weldment is placed steadily;
3. SCR-powered DC motor drive, stepless speed regulation, wide range of welding speed and stable speed;
4. Strong applicability and widely used;
5. Combined rollers, steel wheels outsourcing polyurethane, stable transmission, high friction and long life;
6. The wheel pressure on the workpiece is small, which can avoid cold work hardening on the working surface.


Weld-Max has specialized in the production of welding rotators and other welding equipments for more than ten years, and is a professional manufacturer of welding rotators and other welding equipments. Our company has a professional design team, advanced technology, complete processing equipment, and strict control of the production process.


Today, I will take you to understand what are the advantages of the welding rotator product?

First of all, the welding rotator can be used in any environment, and it has a wide range of uses.

Secondly, the general welding rotator is driven by a silicon controlled DC motor, with stable speed, and stepless speed regulation can be achieved. The material consumption of the working cycle is fixed, so that all losses are controllable. In addition, the DC power supply used by the welding rotator does not need to use fuel power supply like a traditional transmission device, and it does not generate any gas or liquid harmful to the environment during operation, and meets environmental protection standards.

Finally, the structure of the welding rotator is simple and generally adopts modular assembly. Therefore, in daily work, when a failure or maintenance is required, only the corresponding module needs to be disassembled and tested, and the replacement is relatively simple.


Among them, the adjustable welding rotator, in addition to the advantages of the welding rotator, can also adjust the center distance of the rollers by preserving screw holes or screws to adapt to changes in the diameter of the workpiece. The drive adopts cycloid pin gear reducer or worm gear reducer, driven by double motors.4

At present, my country has three main advantages in developing the welding rotator industry:
First, policy advantages: the launch of the State Council’s major special project “Numerical Control Machine Tools and Basic Manufacturing Equipment” is a major measure and deployment to promote the leap-forward development of China’s welding rotator industry. Second, technical advantages: Many machine tool groups in China have established research institutes or technical centers, and established research branches at home and abroad, accumulating a group of scientific research talents to provide technical support for the development of the welding rotator industry. Third, scientific research advantages: Many colleges and universities have established key laboratories and engineering centers related to machine tools, ministries and commissions, and local governments. I believe that my country’s welding will have greater development, and my country’s welding rotator industry will definitely achieve more impressive results.

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