Welding And Positioning Equipment— The Choice Of The Conventional Welding Rotator

 The Choice Of The Conventional Welding Rotator

In recent years, the conventional welding rotator have been continuously rising from the perspective of sales domains.

Now more and more industries will use roller racks. Why is its usage rate so high? Maybe we can try to find out why.


1. The welding rotator is not very demanding on the environment, it can be used in more environments and has a wide range of uses.
2. The welding rotator is generally driven by a silicon-controlled DC motor, the speed is uniform and stable, and it can be controlled at an unlimited speed. The consumption of materials during the work cycle is fixed, so all losses are controllable.
3. The DC power supply used in the welding rotator does not need to be powered by fuel like traditional transmission devices. There are no gases or liquids harmful to the environment, and it meets environmental standards.
4. The welding rotator structure is simple and generally adopts the module installation method. Therefore, in our scheduling work, when the equipment is abnormal or needs maintenance, we only need to remove the corresponding module and check it. The replacement work is relatively simple.
5. The price of the welding rotator is relatively cheap, and the use of the welding rotator is safer and safer than pure manual labor, and the waste caused by it will be reduced a lot.
6. The operation is simple, there is no complicated procedure, and people in all industries have no difficulty in using it.


The conventional welding rotator can be adjusted in terms of size with strong adaptability during use. In the past, the welding rotators had certain limitations in terms of production and processing technology. Therefore, in the face of some non-standard materials or materials with larger specifications, they often need to be processed by a larger-scale welding rotator. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement and development of the technical field and production line, the conventional welding rotator is more in line with the needs of the market-oriented public.


The conventional welding rotator, in addition to the advantages of the welding rotator, it can also adjust the center distance of the rollers by preserving screw holes or screw to adapt to the change of workpiece diameter. The drive adopts cycloid pin gear reducer or worm gear reducer. The machine is driven by dual motors.
And compared with the self-adjusting welding rotator, the price of the conventional welding rotator is relatively low. It is precisely because of various advantages that the number of conventional welding rotators in the market is higher. Because it meets the real needs of the market domain in terms of adaptable specifications, analysis and consideration from the perspective of use have received everyone’s attention and praise. It has become a standard used and selected in many fields in recent years.


With so many advantages, the usage rate is very high. The high utilization rate means that there are more companies producing welding rotators, so how to choose a suitable company?
Welding equipment is not a one-off thing. It requires reliable technology and rich experience from the manufacturer, plus a complete after-sales system. If you need a welding rotator in your workshop to help, you might as well get to know Weld-Max. We have professionals to answer all technical questions for you.


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