Welding And Positioning Equipment— How To Operate The Rotator Correctly

 How To Operate The Rotator Correctly

The welding rotator is an auxiliary welding device, which uses the friction on the movable roller to drive the rotation of the welded part. Standardizing the use of the rotator can prolong the service life of the rotator, avoid unexpected accidents, and reduce the occurrence of abnormal conditions.


Check before use:

1. Check whether the external surrounding environment meets the requirements without interference;

2. All parts should be kept clean, the contact plate should be replaced immediately after wear, and the touch device must not be lubricated.

3. Before running, verify that the components are in good condition, and then there is no error when starting the system;

No abnormal noise, vibration and odor when energized and dry operation;

4. Whether the bolts at each mechanical connection are loose, if they are loose, they can be used after tightening;

5. Check whether there are debris on the guide rails of the pairing machine and whether the hydraulic system is operating normally;

6. Check whether the scroll wheel rotates normally.


The operation and use:

When the workpiece is hoisted on the welding rotator, first observe whether the position is suitable, whether the workpiece is close to the roller, and whether there is any foreign object on the workpiece that hinders the rotation. After confirming that everything is normal, the operation can be carried out;

Turn on the power switch, start the rotation of the roller, and adjust the rotation speed of the roller to the required speed;

When you need to change the direction of rotation of the workpiece, you must wait for the motor to completely stop, and then press the reverse button;

Before welding, rotate the cylinder an idling circle, and determine whether the cylinder position needs to be adjusted according to the distance of movement;

During the welding operation, the ground wire of the welder cannot be directly connected to the roller frame to avoid damage to the bearing;

The outer surface of the rubber wheel is strictly forbidden to come into contact with fire sources and corrosive substances;

The pair of welding rotators should be regularly checked whether the oil level in the hydraulic oil tank is normal, and the sliding surface of the track should be kept lubricated and free of foreign matter;

After using the equipment, be sure to clean up the debris in time;

If the equipment is found to be defective during operation, it shall be protected, repaired and maintained immediately;

Check the wiring of the motor every 10 days, and the contact plate should be tight to avoid overheating or oxidation;

Pay attention to check all bearings, use dry cloth, manual fan, etc. to remove the dirt on the coil.

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Remarks: The safety operation procedure expresses the document describing how to use and prepare the materials, environmental safety, quality assurance and other aspects of the work steps in accordance with the nature of the material, the process flow, and the use of equipment or tools for production work, and compliance with safety operational procedures of production laws and regulations.


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