Install Service


We provide worldwide Installation and Commissioning , we have 2-3 experienced engineers can help you to assembly the machine until use.

Customer should pay round air tickets , room and board. The worker salary is 100USD per day per worker.

We had been to Brisbane,Australia on 11th,July 2017 to install the CNC plasma/flame cutting machine , 5×9 Welding Manipulator Column and boom and 40ton Fit-up growing line.

We had been to Toronto,Canada on 5th,September 2016 to install (2) 5×7 Welding Manipulator Column and Boom with CSA certifacate.

We had been to Mersin,Turkey on 20th,March 2015 to install (1) 5X10 Welding Manipulator Column and boom with (2) 80ton Self-aligning Welding Rotator.

We had been to Rayong,Thailand on 4th,October 2014 to install (1) 5×5 Welding Manipulator Column and boom with 60ton Self-aligning Welding Rotator and 3ton Welding Positioner.

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