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  • Welding and Positioning Equipment — HGZ-50 Self-aligning Welding Rotator
    Post time: Dec-15-2020

    We Weld-Max Automation major in production Welding and Positioning Equipment, such as Welding Rotator, Welding Positioner and Welding Manipulator Column & Boom and Welding Turntable. We can also supply welding parts, such as welding elbow, welding chucks , Welding Seam Tracker , Welding Oscil...Read more »

  • 80Ton Self-aligning Welding Turning Rolls / Tank Rotator
    Post time: Aug-06-2020

    The welding roller frame uses the friction between the weldment and the active roller to drive the cylindrical (or conical) weldment to rotate. It is mainly used on a series of large machines in heavy industry. The welding roller frame is a commonly used welding auxiliary device, which is widely...Read more »

  • 700Ton Conventional Welding Rotator finish assembling and testing
    Post time: Apr-24-2020

    We Weld-Max back to work on 18th,Feb 2020 , due to the COVID-19 , we back to work late for 20days. We start to manufacture this 700Ton Conventional Tank turning rolls start from 10th,March 2020 . And after 40days , we finish 2sets of them.  Those 2sets 700Ton rotators will be send to Canada. Abou...Read more »

  • Coping with an outbreak COVID-19, Weld-Max keep delivering in Welding Positioner
    Post time: Apr-03-2020

    On 3rd,April 2020, Weld-Max delivery another container for 4 Sets Welding Positoner, Container include 2 Sets 5Ton and 2 Sets 8Ton Welding Positioner. The container is going to our dealer in Monterrey, Mexico.        Due to the COVID-19 outbreak all around the world, makes the World economy goin...Read more »

  • 100T Self-aligned Welding Rotator ship to ARCELORMITTAL
    Post time: Mar-24-2020

    On March 23th 2020,we shippped 100T Self-aligned Rotator to Company ARCELORMITTAL. Weld-Max cooperate with ArcelorMittal for many years, and our Managing Director Jason Wang visited ArcelorMittal Europe in Nov,2019. During the visit , they discussed about a new project for them. After Jason back ...Read more »

  • Customized Welding Rotator With Swing and Rotation
    Post time: Mar-03-2020

    In the year of 2019, we have a customer from Perth,Australia who need to weld the pipe with elbow. They need to use Welding Rotator with rotation ,clamping and swing to reach that goal. Our engineer Mr.Hou and our Managing Director Jason according to their requirement to get a solution and send t...Read more »

  • Old Customer Placed A PO About Cloumn And Boom
    Post time: Mar-03-2020

    Our old customer called Joshua from LA USA placed a PO about Cloumn and Boom in 3th March 2020. Cloumn and Boom     In 23th November 2019,Joshua sent us an e-mail after scanning our website.He asked us more detailed infomation about our products in this e-mail.We replied detailed photos...Read more »

  • New customer from UK bought a 100T Self-algining Welding Ratotor
    Post time: Mar-02-2020

    This customer found us on GOOGLE and sent an e-mail to us. In 27th February 2020,we sold Welding Rotators to our customer Peter.He is from Birmingham of the United Kingdom .He and his company manual Pressure Vessel.He and his company needed 100T self-aligning Welding Rotator to weld 80T vessels...Read more »

  • New Design Welding Turning Rolls and Pipe Welding Rotator
    Post time: Sep-19-2019

    Weld-Max developed the new design Welding Turning Rolls and Pipe Welding Rotator.   We changed the output drive mode, normally the Conventional type Welding Rotator output drive mode is Motor – Gearbox – Shaft – Polyurethane Roller. Now we changed to Motor – Gearbox ...Read more »

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